Feng River Sport Park

Feng River Liangjiatan Sports Park is located on the west bank of Feng River, with a total planning area of about 2,160 mu (1,440,000 square meters), of which 400 mu (266,666 square meters) has been opened in October 2019. The second phase of about 290 mu (193,333 square meters) is planned to open in May 2020. The third phase of about 1,470 mu (980,000 square meters) is planned to open in October 2020. The sports park is supported by Liangjiatan's good natural vegetation and ecological wetland resources. It will be built as a waterside urban ecological sports park that includes daily sports venues like tennis courts, basketball courts, football fields, jogging trails, and cutting-edge sports spaces such as parkour and skateboarding. It will meet the health needs of the regional public for outdoor sports and create an international and dynamic lifestyle.