Regional Connections

City Core is located in the core area of the “Third Entrepreneurship” of XHTZ. It shoulders the important mission of building the model district in XHTZ and has obvious regional effect.

The core area of the Silk Road International Financial Center (SRIFC) in the CID is adjacent to Xitai Road in the east, Shuangjiang Second Road in the west, Latitude 32 Road in the north and Xinglong Road in the south. With the Comprehensive Free Trade Zone (Samsung), Chang'an Communication and Industrial Park (ZTE), Innovation Valley for Military and Civilian Technologies (Xidian University), Xi'an Science City, Future Science City, New Energy Vehicle City, International Community and other planned sections set in the surrounding areas, a new future of XHTZ development will be mapped out.

The International Community is bordering Xihan Highway on the north and Xihu Highway on the south, and the Feng River runs from south to north across the center of the area. On the west side there is the science city of Chinese Academy of Sciences. On the east side is the CID, surrounded by the High-tech Industrial Belt and the Modern Service Industrial Belt. On the southest is Chang'an Communication and Industrial Park. On the southwest are Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Industrial Park, Bio-Pharmaceutical Industrial Park, Caotang Science and Technology Industrial Park. Only 2.26 km southeast away are the Comprehensive Free Trade Zone of XHTZ and the Samsung storage project, with a distinctive industrial cluster of Samsung, Johnson & Johnson, Honeywell and other major projects.


Ecological  Planning

Favorable natural environment and unique waterside resources have provided City Core with good ecological foundation and landscape.

The CID has epitomized the planning concept of global ecology, integration of water and greenery, people-oriention and livable and industrial evnironment. With the idea of connecting lakes and rivers and constructing a large ecological network, we have planned and constructed a main water system of zigzag landscape, which is organically connected with the ecological core of Kunming Lake, the ecological space of Feng River and the ecological space of Huan River to form a green development base of “a central green core”, “a leisure water corridor” and “an ecological and green network”, thus achieving a new livable territory where water and greenery can blend.

The long Feng River runs through the International Community, with abundant clear water that nurtures vast grassland. On one side of the bank are dotted with islands, on the other side is an environment suitable for developing wetland. The total area of water and wetland of Feng River is over three million square meters. With wetland as the foundation and ecological isolating corridor as the focus of construction, Xi’an International Community will develop belts from axis and then area from belts, integrating urban construction land to create a ‘one axis, six belts, multi-core’ ecological green space system and a real ecological green international community.