• 34.52

    square kilometers
    The total area combined
  • 15.8

    square kilometers
    The CID has a planned area
  • 18.72

    square kilometers
    square kilometers

City Core

City Core is XHTZ's concrete practice of the “Three Economies” development thought and assisting the building of a national central city of Greater Xi'an. It is a powerful exploration for building a regional financial center for the “Belt and Road Initiative” and promoting the deep integration of science and technology and finance. It is of great significance for changing the development model and realizing the transformation of XHTZ from an industrial park to a new city of science and technology.

According to the plan, City Core is consist of two parts: the CID and the International Community. The CID has a planned area of 15.8 square kilometers and the International Community 18.72 square kilometers. The total area combined is 34.52 square kilometers. As the key for the “Third Entrepreneurship” in XHTZ, City Core represents advanced planning concepts, convenient transportation environment and outstanding location advantages.

Central Innovation District (CID)

The CID covers an area of 15.8 square kilometers and is the pilot area of XHTZ and the key of the “Third Entrepreneurship”. With the planning of “dual-core drive, one-axis connection, and multi-area integration” for the finance and innovation industries, and with the construction concepts of modernization, internationalization, ecology, intelligence and green energy conservation, the CID will attract enterprise headquarters of global finance, science, technology, and innovation to create a new hub for pivotal economy, a new carrier of portal economy, and a new platform of circular economy.


International Community

Xi’an International Community is set on the leading position of scientific and technological innovation in Xi’an and the core area of “Third Entrepreneurship” in XHTZ. It is a new modern urban district approved by the Xi'an municipal government and has a total area of 18.72 square kilometers. The district shoulders the important mission of establishing a world-class science and technology park in XHTZ and a model district in the metropolitan area of Greater Xi'an. It represents an international community with the “3T” values (technology, talent, and tolerance), optimizes the regional ecology and living environment with international standards, and promotes multi-culture, innovative technology and high-end business exchanges. As Xi'an strives to catch up and surpass at the important development stage of building a national central city, under the guidance of XHTZ’s goal of achieving “123” and building the model district, Xi'an International Community actively expands the service for the international city of XHTZ and devotes itself to building a pilot area for the development of the cosmopolitan city in Xi’an.